June 2016

Abstract Adventure Gone Wild


A wonderful group of Ladies.

A wonderful group of Ladies.

The night before a class, I always have every minute of my class worked out in my head.
And this class was no exception. Yes, I am prepared. I decided since it was a group of 8, more than my normal sized class, we would all paint abstracts.

Why do we do that? Think we are all organized?

First of all, my morning was not supposed to start with my having to change and wash all bed linen due to to the fact that I locked my kitten in my room for the night. So you know what happened!  Big lesson learnt.  NEVER lock your pet in your bedroom!  Anyway, I got it all done before the class started and things improved after that.

Then, of course, abstracts turned into sunflowers, sheep, a barn, flowers, and a water-landscape, with only two paintings being true abstracts!  I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day by holding this class outside, under the trees.  Now that actually turned out to be a good decision. Everyone seemed to enjoy being outside, and while helping my students get their masterpieces completed, I even managed to get the most beautiful blue paint out of a bra strap and white paint out of a black shoe… note to self….  always be prepared for non-teaching incidents and always remind students to wear their oldest clothes to a paint class!  With all the laughter around me, I truly enjoyed the class and meeting a wonderful bunch of ladies who seemed to enjoy the non-structured afternoon.   There was more laughter when everyone tried to name the abstract one of the ladies was working on. That title will stay a secret. Thank you Tammi Lee for getting this group together as it was a lovely day.

Yes, only in Kiki’s world.

Abstract adventure

I am looking forward to my next class this Sunday.
I will be teaching a class of eight to paint an abstract by listening to the notes in music.
CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY idea I have had for a long time.
I strongly believe the power music has to move you. To relax the mind and at the same time use your paint brush to capture that music on canvas.
Did I say CRAZY yet.
The post on Monday after the class will say it all.

I am a phone call away to book a class with me. This weekend will let me know if a class of eight is too many.
I really like to be hands on with helping you to achieve a painting you will be proud of.
I better not pick Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones…. which by the way I have already done.
I have to find just the perfect instrumental piece.
Class of eight …. and then there’s Kiki


I am so proud of my first student  Ayu.

Work In progress

Work In progress

first rooster

A great day with my wonderful, talented friend.

A great day with my wonderful, talented friend.



I knew she was artistic and was I right.

We started from a simple photo of a rooster, as I explained to her, this picture is just the outline and we can take our imagination to all sorts of interpretations.

All that know me ,know I just have to be different,  so my rooster is split in half. It is still a work in progress.

The title will be ” The Fowl Line”. First thing that popped in my head, so that is what it will be called.

I have to admitted how proud I am as her teacher. To see her painting take shape and colors start to burst from the canvas makes me so proud.

The end result was a happy student and a teacher beamimg with pride.

Great start to my new adventure.