Abstract adventure

I am looking forward to my next class this Sunday.
I will be teaching a class of eight to paint an abstract by listening to the notes in music.
CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY idea I have had for a long time.
I strongly believe the power music has to move you. To relax the mind and at the same time use your paint brush to capture that music on canvas.
Did I say CRAZY yet.
The post on Monday after the class will say it all.

I am a phone call away to book a class with me. This weekend will let me know if a class of eight is too many.
I really like to be hands on with helping you to achieve a painting you will be proud of.
I better not pick Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones…. which by the way I have already done.
I have to find just the perfect instrumental piece.
Class of eight …. and then there’s Kiki