No Pressure

It has been a long time since I posted a blog and a lot has happened in that time. I gave up my job, and moved my family from Bowmanville to Stirling, Ontario where I now work at my art full-time in a lovely new studio.

It feels great!

I am sure readers know that summer brings lots of art shows across Ontario. I am busily prepare for a few of these shows.

Oakville art in the park, as well as Stirlings and Uxbridges. All of these shows are in August and you can find the dates on my Exhibition page.

If you are able to attend any of the shows, please stop by and say hi. I am looking forward to meeting lots of people- old friends from past shows and making a lot of new ones!

Last year my painting titled ” Bad Idea ” which featured a bird in a light bulb made an impression on those that saw it. It was quite the conversation starter.

I hope to deliver the same results with another painting I have in my mind but not yet on canvas.


I will keep you posted on my progress. At the moment I am working on Cardinals as they seem to be the bird of choice for most of my followers. I am also finishing a large commission abstract that I hope to have posted in my gallery for you to see.

I would love to hear from you,  as well as my fellow artist. If there is anything that you would like me to share , I would be happy to.

Now back to my easel before the paint dries.

Sharing Some News

Excited to have won the Mayor’s Recognition Award for my entry in the Clarington Visual Arts Centre 34th Annual Juried Show.

One hundred and sixty pieces of artwork were submitted – including sculptures, drawings, paintings, and mixed media.

Fifty eight were selected for exhibition and my piece, entitled “Bad Idea,” was the winner of the Mayor’s award.

Hope you get a chance to visit the exhibition before it closes on November 16.  It’s at the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, 143 Simpson Ave., Bowmanville, Ontario, L1C 2J1


Bad Idea

Bad idea 36x30 - $1245

Bad idea 36×30 – $1245

Receiving Mayor's Award -

Receiving Award – Mayor Adrian Foster and Kiki Kays

Welcome to my website and my first post

Blogging is new to me. Please have patience as I develop my blogging skills!

My goal is to connect with people who have shown interest in my art, as well as other artists, and share my crazy adventures and thoughts—all leading up to sharing my art and my new work.

I’m learning that today you cannot just be an artist— you have to be a promoter and a multitasker (is there such a word?) in this online world.

I had a painting sitting on my easel, half finished, for weeks.  I was struggling with what colour I should paint the nest, and if I should paint eggs in the nest.

But, this morning, I decided I would just start adding paint to my palette and see what inspiration would guide me to complete it.

Well, I finished this 12 x 12 piece and named it  “Two in the Nest.”

I am using this small victory to  start my blogging.

Now, I’m starting a commissioned piece. Mr Bojangles was a hit and someone wants a smaller version. I wonder if Mr Bojangles had a brother? Hmmm, what would his name be?

Till next time.


Oil on Canvas, 12x12

Oil on Canvas, 12×12