Next Show Stirling, Ontario

I just wrapped up a wonderful show at Oakville Art in the Park.  This was my second time at this show and it was really nice when people approached me telling me how glad they were to see me back.

One note to self I made this year–you can never have too many water bottles handy.  Hot Hot Hot…

Next show is on Saturday, August 13, in my hometown, Stirling, Ontario, which is just northwest of Belleville.  This is a small venue, however each year we build our participating artists.

I look forward to meeting my neighbors! They often see me taking pictures at the side of the road of just about anything, and always send me a smile and a wave.  I know sometimes they must wonder what is that crazy lady taking a picture of, because it could be a weed that caught my attention!

So  off to Stirling Art in the Park with a great collection of paintings and just as many water bottles.

If any readers of my blog is in the neighbourhood, drop into the show.  It runs from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Henry St. Park.

Hope to see you there.