I am so proud of my first student  Ayu.

Work In progress

Work In progress

first rooster

A great day with my wonderful, talented friend.

A great day with my wonderful, talented friend.



I knew she was artistic and was I right.

We started from a simple photo of a rooster, as I explained to her, this picture is just the outline and we can take our imagination to all sorts of interpretations.

All that know me ,know I just have to be different,  so my rooster is split in half. It is still a work in progress.

The title will be ” The Fowl Line”. First thing that popped in my head, so that is what it will be called.

I have to admitted how proud I am as her teacher. To see her painting take shape and colors start to burst from the canvas makes me so proud.

The end result was a happy student and a teacher beamimg with pride.

Great start to my new adventure.